Jan 27, 2013-"A Promise & a Purpose, Part 1"-Gen 12.1-4 (Josh Wallace)
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09/24/2016 3:34am

The promise and a purpose this show is great and now we are waiting the part two people are like this show very much. Now they lunched a part two of the promise and purpose show with the demand of people.

05/30/2017 5:08pm

We are all created for a purpose. We have been given life because there is a reason. I believe that one of our purposes here on earth is to be a helping hand to others. The Lord actually becomes our helping hand all of the time. In line with this, He has commanded us to become an other's helping hand as well. I must say that fulfilling this duty has something wonderful in return. Let's just always remember that we do have different and unique jobs to be fulfilled here on earth.

12/09/2016 1:37am

Ok, I will download this file now. I want to check it out so much!

01/05/2017 4:01am

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