Feb 10, 2013-"A Promise & a Purpose, Part 3"-Dt 4.25-31 (Josh Wallace)
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09/22/2016 3:17am

A Promise and a Purpose is interesting show and my all friends are really like this show. But I like just Part 3 of this show because in this part they talk on Salivation and many people are participate in this part.


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05/22/2017 3:11pm

I can't get the main idea, but it's really helpful for additional information.


I wanted to thank you for posting this podcast. One of the reasons why I love staying here on your website is the fact that I can strengthen my faith and I am being informed by the words of God. I admit that I am one of those who failed to read the Bible during my younger years, that's why I see this as my way of making up for the years I've lost which I should have dedicated for my faith. Huge thanks to the one who owns this website!


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