Feb 17, 2013 / "Get Up and Call on Your God!" / Jonah 1 (Josh Wallace)
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The writer of this post is a good and nice man he post very good article I must listen it get up and call on your God its a very amazing think. Sometimes we forget our God so through we never forget our God and his blessing because its very important for us.

11/09/2017 7:07pm

First and foremost, I want to thank you for posting this podcast. I visit your website from time to time because I see it as my way on how to communicate to God despite of my busy schedule. I don't go to Church regularly, that's why I find another way on how to make up. Through your website, I feel energized to hear words of God. Through this podcast. From time to time, you come up with different essential topics that can help us with our faith!

12/23/2016 9:02am

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01/05/2017 3:59am

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