Feb 3, 2013-"A Promise & a Purpose, Part 2"-Ex 19.2-8 (Josh Wallace)
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08/22/2016 1:37am

Ok, I think I should download this file. It's not a problem. I will check it later.

09/20/2016 11:59pm

Purpose and promise for the part two of the episode. The consumption for all vital and needed. The structures for the promises to be insured and viewed. The extended terms of the right and skills to be rendered. The skills are for all structural terms of the success in terms of promises and prices.

11/29/2016 2:36pm

I am thankful to found and read this article. This will be my favorite site from now on. I love reading God's words and share it to others. I hope I can read and download more of these. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you more.


Having a religion is not easy. You have to follow orders of humanity and at the same time you have to follow orders and rules from your religion which I guess that some are contradicting. By reading the Holy Scripture, some people tend to follow them literally and some of them follow them whole kindheartedly. This blog is really helpful when it comes to knowing your true path when it comes to humanity and religion. Keeping your promises is not enough but you have to fulfill it properly and in righteous way. In that way, you serve your purpose in life which God has given.


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