March 3, 2013 / "Lenten Mathematics" / Luke 13:1-9 (Claire Ewert Fisher, Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan)
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09/10/2016 9:32pm

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09/15/2016 12:42am

What is that? Lecture or media file? Can you give a little discriprion, please!

01/05/2017 3:56am

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04/09/2017 5:16am

This is unreal to download. It says that it's error on the site.

06/13/2017 2:44am

Thank you for posting this podcast about "Lenten Mathematics". It's true that there are so much things to learn from this website. If you didn't read the Bible yet, but still wanting to be familiar with God's words, you should go to this website. It will bring you closer to God, By the way, I'll let my fellow readers know about this too. I'll repost this on my website.


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