April 28, 2013 / "A Crucified Messiah" / Mark 10:45 (Josh Wallace)
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10/04/2016 11:29pm

We all mus remember the things that the Messiah has done and we all know that the sacrifices where necessary for the forgiveness of the sins that the people have committed. This serves as a lesson for all of the people that God is love and He will always have a good heart for all of us


Do you feel a gratitude to our Lord for what he done? Let this victim don't be forget.

07/10/2017 12:17am

Thank you for posting such informative audio file. A website like this is so important to me as it keeps me connected with my faith. I am too occupied with so many things about my work that I don't have a time for reading the Bible. In this way, at least I can still familiarize myself with my faith, and I think that it is important for all of us!


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