Dec 13, 2015-"Give Joy"-Zeph 3.14-17 & Lk 3.7-18 (Josh Wallace)
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05/23/2016 1:34am

The Lord is so great. God's love is truly amazing. He is my Beautiful Savior, God of all majesty, risen King. Worship of the Father and intimacy with the Father goes hand in hand. We can’t really have one without the other. In order to pour out our hearts to Him—not just with music, but with our lives—we must pursue a real relationship with God. It requires transparency.


Let us give joy and praise to our Almighty God. He made us, for us to worship Him. It is our most important purpose in this world. This is not our land for this earth is temporary. He has a better plan for us and a better world in the future. We just need to be deserving of that promise. What do you think?

08/23/2016 1:20am

Okay, I will check this file. Thank you for sharing it. I appreciate it.


You should share your good mood and joy of course if you want to. This can simply turn up someone's life.


The presence of the Lord is indeed a deliverer of joy to a person. Whenever you are filed with it, joy comes naturally. And if you have received it, you can overflow and make others feel what the same joy as yours. It all just comes naturally. In words and in deeds. If you are happy, people will notice it and they will have fun with you. Just be a channel of joy to other people. Because the presence and blessings of the Lord are worth more than experience. People must enjoy it. The family must share with another the joy that comes from the Lord.


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