Nov 27, 2016-"Preparing for the Promise"-Is 64 (Sam Dyck)
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Good people are trying to not break the promise and always good behave the people. God is angry these people who are breaking the promise. Always use the good words for others and then people has provided the good respect.

04/05/2017 5:04am

I am glad that I have stumbled upon your podcast. Your voice makes the narration even more interesting. In particular, I liked how you were able to narrate it clearly which I believe is one of the reasons why you will be able to attract more audience. I went through your past blog posts as well and I must say that you always deliver good content. Overall, it was a nice blog.

01/05/2017 3:48am

Promises is just a lie. How many times we promise ourselves to start a new life?

01/07/2017 4:49am

This was a very motivating episode. I really like listening to one of your teachings. You truly have a wide understanding of the word of God. I will surely keep myself updated on your posts. I hope to learn more about God's teachings in your website. I wish you the best and a healthy new year!

04/09/2017 1:35pm

You should keep your promise no matter what. Do it until the end!

05/15/2017 4:33pm

Whatever you wrote here, it's always good to read. Like it so much!

07/18/2017 5:40am

I love reading religious gospels like these, much more listening. We all need enlightenment all the time. We need to hear somebody's insight. It's about progressive learning. Thank you for this.

07/22/2017 4:29am

This was incredibly an exquisite implementation of your ideas


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