Dec 4, 2016 / "The Promise of Acceptance" / Isaiah 11:1-10 & Romans 15:4-13 (Josh Wallace)
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07/25/2017 1:03am

I can't understand the topic of this audio bible study. What is the promise of acceptance you are talking about? Are you referring about the holy land after the judgement day? God has a promise for us. He said that His children and His church will be saved on the day of judgement. We just need to know how to become part of His church.

10/01/2017 1:27am

God promises a lot to us humankind and every promise of Him will surely be granted. The faith we put in Him has a lot to prove to find it if it is pure or not. There is a time that the faith you had in you puts you on a test, if you are strong enough to face and stand to it. Claiming that whenever how the situation goes, it is either good or bad, you will announce that God is your mighty savior and no problems can take these thoughts from you. God promised us that He will save us from evil as long as we follow His will and spread it to the whole world.

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07/28/2017 12:49am

I guess that is extravagant!

09/20/2017 2:11am


09/30/2017 10:32pm


11/11/2017 5:37pm

I am a christian who devoted my life in following the word of God. I think the Promise of Acceptance that this article was referring to is when a non-believer accept that Jesus Christ is his savior, when that time comes, he or she will have an everlasting life. This was stated in the bible which we Christians believe. We hope that this audio bible inspire each and every person who will listen to it. My soul was moved because of this narration. Thank you for uploading this file and I hope you will not feel weary in narrating all the gospel from the bible. God bless to you!


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