Jan 15, 2017 / "Renewing Our Purpose" / Isaiah 49:1-17 (Josh Wallace)
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03/22/2017 6:44am

It is true that we all have a purpose in this life. God intended to create the human being with a meaning and we are all gathered here to serve Him and to fulfill the different duties that are assigned to each one of us. We should be proud that God has called us and we should honor the Lord and our savior Jesus Christ.

06/19/2017 7:34pm

One of the things I learn in life is all about our purpose. I believe that we have been created for the purpose of sharing the good news. We are here to glorify and worship the Lord. We have been created because we are here to make the Lord known. We are here to tell the world about all the good things that the Lord has done.


What I have learned from the word of God is that we are created in this world to share the words and teachings of God to the youth. Our purpose is to educate the youth. And guide them towards a better life. A life that God wanted us to have filled with love and peace. I hope that you'd continue to share the word of God to help the youth acquire the teaching of God.

04/09/2017 1:34pm

The mission and purpose should be renew to a modern times. This is true.


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