Feb 5, 2017 / Rooted & Growing Praise & Worship / Psalm 112:1-9; John 15:1-8; Isaiah 58:1a, 6-12
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07/18/2017 3:43am

Thank you for sharing this wonderful bible passage. I love hearing bible studies like this. They strengthen my belief and faith in God. I am a religious person. I have my own duties in my church. I think it is such a fulfilling feeling to serve God and give back to Him. Are you one with my opinion?

10/11/2017 5:55am

Thank you for this substantial bible passage. This is what I perfectly need as of the moment. Being a student, I often forget to pray religiously because of my hectic schedule. I feel guilty. I am glad there are websites like this where I can listen to it any time of the day and anywhere with my phone. It is indeed very practical. I will be using this every day. Please continue posting consistently because I noticed that it has been months before your latest update.

10/29/2017 7:21pm

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11/19/2017 2:37pm

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