Apr 2, 2017 / "Love in Dangerous Times" / John 15:18-25 (Ryan Siemens, MC Sask Area Church Minister)
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04/08/2017 1:33am

Sometimes, we make mistakes by rejecting God and choosing our own ways. It is because we doubt if He hears us or He even really exists. It is really wrong to think like that and I can say that it's one of the most horrible mistakes that I've made. We should always believe in Him and trust that He has a better plan for all of us. Even if seems like some things are going against what we wanted, just entrust everything to Him and it will all be better.

04/09/2017 1:31pm

We are only humans. This is our great gift - making mistakes. The world doesn't burn because of this. We can fix em.

06/10/2017 8:50pm

Honestly speaking, I don't think there's such thing as types or standards to consider first when falling in love with a person. I may not be an expert love guru, but I absolutely believe that when you like a person, none of it really matters anymore. Even they didn't actually pass any of your standards, love conquers it all. It's just a matter of personality and how happy you are with his or her company. Although, having a specific type and standard in love isn't actually bad. I'm just saying that when that right time comes, I know that your heart will actually speak louder than your brain.

04/12/2017 3:18pm

A very good information indeed, but we need another one.

08/30/2017 3:26am

Maybe some people will think twice on this issue...


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